For whom is our software?

We operate in many areas of the market, offering a virtual, integrated system for universities and service and production companies. We adapt individual solutions to each client, taking into account their needs.


The constantly improved, modern software for universities and the vast experience gained in cooperation with universities help us understand this market and its needs perfectly. After various implementations, we also observe positive effects of our performances in production and service companies. We optimize the functioning of the organization and improve cooperation with contractors. Integration and data security in our innovative systems allow for the free transfer of information and storage of the necessary documents.

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Each time we ensure effective implementation and efficient implementation of the system. Do you want to join the group of our satisfied customers who have benefited from our experience and save their time today? We encourage you to contact us by phone or via the contact form.

For over 30 years, we have been helping universities and other entities to improve their work. We have developed a tool commonly used to manage the activities of institutions and enterprises, which we individually adapt and implement at the client's request.

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