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Kalasoft EDU is a comprehensive support for universities. We develop the modules necessary for the functioning and take care of the development with the times by implementing the latest market solutions. We rely on dialogue and listen to our recipients so that the software is best suited to their needs.

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Kalasoft EDU (eHMS)

Many years of experience in the higher education market have taught us a lot about the needs of management, administration, employees, and students. We know how to optimize solid business processes and support the management of individual elements of university life. In addition, we care about the stability and security of systems. Kalasoft Edu is a modern and easy-to-use software for universities, which was created years ago to adapt to the profile of universities, which is why we efficiently coordinate its implementation and offer a modular structure. As a result, universities gain a solid partner to improve the unit's work and reliable support. The virtual university management system allows employees to efficiently perform tasks related to online recruitment, insurance, teaching settlement, or the schedule of classes.

Available modules

The Kalasoft EDU system for universities consists of several modules, designed in such a way that all areas of the university's activities can be organized in one system. This ensures the freedom and safety of work, as well as the unified flow and exchange of information.

Students portal

Constant access to university data and management of information related to students. The software for the dean's office allows for 24/7 service, without traditional time frames and the need to involve employees. This makes it easier to organize areas such as dormitories.

Recruitment online

Quick registration of candidates, without queues and with automatic data validation. Recruitment at each stage takes place online, taking into account current SMS / e-mail notifications.

Schedule of lectures

To support the staff and students, the teaching process management system enables the timetable to be updated regularly. In addition, it takes into account the arrangement of rooms, departments and division into groups.

Accounting for the teaching process

Settlement of worked hours and their constant control, access to the leading lists, and even generating reports. All bureaucracy is reduced to an intuitive module in the system for universities, active around the clock.

Helpdesk – ticket system

A module for quick contact between the service provider and the consumer of services. It allows you to receive service requests, automatically send information, report their status, and organize the support process. It is a tool that we use ourselves. However, its implementation at the University gives control over failures and incidents.


The robust software enables quick allocation of places in the dormitories, without personally delivering documents and standing in lines. The system allows you to book dormitories through the student panel, verify the identity of students and support the control of fees. The module also has hotel functions.

Students management

24/7 access to documentation in the system for the dean's office, the ability to update and send information. Students can view, inter alia, for their grades, tuition, and lesson plans, and employees can manage data remotely. The e-Services modules support multi-level communication between the student and the university.



Easy-to-use software for universities Kalasoft Edu was created based on programming languages, frameworks, and solutions recognized as market trends. We offer technological and elastic solutions and various solutions from the development system to our partners. Our designs are responsive, practical, and discreet. We make sure to implement the news and gradually change the program interface.

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For over 30 years, we have been helping universities and other entities to improve their work. We have developed a tool commonly used to manage the activities of institutions and enterprises, which we individually adapt and implement at the client's request.

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