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Kalasoft ERP

KALASOFT is not only software for the dean's office. We also offer Kalasoft ERP, a modular system that covers all processes of a given organization and allows for their full integration.

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Kalasoft ERP

Kalasoft ERP is now an indispensable tool that allows entrepreneurs to keep documents in order, improve information flow, manage employees, and control business processes. The university software works reliably, which means that once entered, data can be safely used in various techniques and at multiple levels within the company. All activities occur in the cloud or on computers within a stable network that we help to configure. In addition, the data can be viewed on the website and updated on an ongoing basis. Thanks to unlimited 24/7 access - the involvement of other employees is reduced to a minimum.

Available modules

Kalasoft ERP to kilka modułów, opracowanych w taki sposób, aby wszystkie obszary działań przedsiębiorstwa mogły zostać uporządkowane w jednym systemie. Zapewnia to swobodę i bezpieczeństwo pracy, oraz ujednolicenie przepływu i wymiany informacji.

Employee portal

We facilitate the work of employees by giving them individual access to the system, their financial data or the section with applications. Our system is a safe way to control employment conditions and all related formalities.

Time management

Innovative and reliable work time management based on a clear, virtual schedule and collected data on contracts and replacements. One module contains a database of all contractors and tenants, which significantly reduces the occurrence of procedural errors.


We allow universities to keep records of their documents affecting finances. The module collects information about expenses and tracks the execution of orders. Thanks to this, all financial resources are under constant control, taking into account limits and reports.

CRM & workflow

This module is not only CRM, but also a workflow. Collects all information about the university's external contacts. It works well for booking company equipment, vacation planning, archiving documents, and even in planning and running projects. The system controls the status of tasks and informs employees about them.

Policies and damages

Our system for universities organizes the payment dates of insurance premiums and allows you to register policies. The precisely developed calendar has the function of reminding about upcoming payments and controls the stages of claims handling.


The integration package enables bi-directional data exchange with third party software. Perfect integration with Moodle, SSO systems, and library systems reduces the workload and significantly improves the flow of information



For over 30 years, we have been implementing and improving our robust and modern Kalasoft EDU software that is easy to use. It is an ERP class didactic management system, i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning, which effectively optimizes the work of institutions and enterprises. We know how critical systematic data management is, which is why we have created a tool that makes it possible. Our solution is safe, flexible, intuitive, and tailored to the client's needs - the software for the dean's office is constantly improved and extended by our programmers and consultants.

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Each time we ensure effective implementation and efficient implementation of the system. Do you want to join the group of our satisfied customers who have benefited from our experience and save their time today? We encourage you to contact us by phone or via the contact form.

For over 30 years, we have been helping universities and other entities to improve their work. We have developed a tool commonly used to manage the activities of institutions and enterprises, which we individually adapt and implement at the client's request.

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